JAB WorkbenchTM

A Unified Suite of Web Based Software Development Tools

Enabling Software Developers To Efficiently Design, Build, and Manage JavaScript Web Apps In the Following Environments

Single Developer

  • Develop fully functional stand-alone web apps
  • Unified framework accelerates web application development
  • JavaScript object oriented class structure
  • Incremental debugging saves time during development
  • Standard packaging for code reuse
  • Web app database access with SQLite
  • Powerful GUI widget library
  • Interfaces directly to browser tools


  • Numerous JAB Workbench example projects and instuctional videos
  • Written JAB Workbench documentation

In The Cloud

  • Completely cloud based JavaScript Web IDE
  • Public and/ or private cloud capabilities


  • Android App interfaces with JAB projects
  • One codeset for both mobile and desktop web apps

Team Development

  • Powerful JavaScript class hierarchy browser
  • Joint team access from remote locations
  • Real time team management
  • Seamless built-in version control
  • Seamless built-in issue and enhancement management system
  • Centralized relational database code and resource repository
  • Helps manage and identify multi-developer coding conflicts
  • Documentation framework for creation of reference guides

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